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Chris White
Chris White, CEO


Planned Growth offers modern digital marketing requiring creative content starting with a unique brand, targeted marketing strategies and intelligent customer relationship management.”

In a world of cloud-based applications, many companies don’t question if these applications can integrate with a CRM. Instead, they spend their days logging in and out of multiple applications to meet their business needs when they could have everything at their fingertips, including finance, human resources, operations, and collaboration software, all in a single platform. Chris White, Co-Founder & CEO of Planned Growth implemented this over 20 years of experience with CRM’s and software implementations and bring his knowledge to the forefront of Planned Growth’s CRM implementation program. Over the years, Planned Growth has grown into a complete solution provider, helping companies save time and money through business automation.

Planned Growth offers modern digital marketing requiring creative content starting with a unique brand, targeted marketing strategies and intelligent customer relationship management. As a full-service marketing agency, what makes Planned Growth unique is its ability to streamline and automate marketing campaigns. “Using our innovative software, each campaign starts with our creative writers and visual design team.

Once the material for the campaign is ready, it is integrated into the client’s very own dashboard to launch the outbound campaign as well as to handle inbound lead generation,” says Chris.With our fully automated software that spans across multiple departments Planned Growth’s clients are easily able to stay engaged with their customers on a more consistent basis.” In short, Planned Growth saves companies time and money, while allowing them to create deeper relationships with their customers.

Planned Growth offers a suite of software solutions that include much more than just a CRM—like Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing Automation and Monitoring, HR, Recruiting, Project Management, Team Collaboration, Accounting. Another unique feature of the company is that they do not charge for individual marketing services. “We know that our customer’s needs may change throughout the growth of their business; sometimes their needs change month to month,” explains Chris. “To accommodate our client’s changing needs, instead of charging by the service, we are able to accomplish all of our client’s goals through the execution of our 10, 20, and 40 hour monthly plans.”

According to Chris, in today’s fast-paced world it’s no longer enough to organize a business by the use of spreadsheets and inbox because there are so many other ways for a customer to contact a firm. Through Planned Growth’s software, users can store phone call records, text and Facebook messages, Tweets, and emails into a single contact record. Once all the information is stored, Planned Growth assists their clients with creating automated campaigns to build even closer relationships with their customers through use of their personalized CRM. “In almost every case, we save companies thousands of dollars a year in software costs alone; in one memorable case, even $40,000 a year!  For only $35 a month per user, our clients have access to every application they need,” adds Chris.

In Planned Growth’s efforts to fully automate Recruitment Marketing services, they have collaborated with, the world’s largest database of jobs. Planned Growth feels selling products and services is the same as selling people on a career opportunity, “The better a company looks in the digital world, with employee reviews and explaining the company culture, the higher quality candidates a company will have to choose from,” says Chris. Not only has Planned Growth seen demand for business automation, but is also seeing more requests for Artificial Intelligence, and have been helping companies utilize AI to achieve more accurate business insights, which leads to smarter and faster business decisions.