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Nic Nevin
Nic Nevin, President & Co-Founder



“Using several layers of automation tools, Influx is positioned to use nurturing strategies at each stage in the sales cycle.”

For consumers, seeking healthcare and medical treatment, the sales cycle differs from those shopping for goods and services. To address this difference, the sales, and marketing tools used in healthcare such as Influx MD need to be designed specifically for this space. CRMs are now mainstream with many more options for small businesses to take advantage of the efficiencies they offer. The majority are not designed for the healthcare vertical and offer a product more suitable for B2B than B2C relationships.

Additionally, many marketing practices and solutions designed for other industries do not fit well into the medical space.  Front and back-office staff often lack the expertise to manage the sales cycle appropriately, so they need a solution that is specialized, interactive, and easy-to-implement that will eliminate the complexities of medical marketing for this group.

Influx MD began in 2015 as an Inhouse tool for ifXmedical Inc. to help manage medical marketing clients and provide a full 360-degree view of the effect of marketing from acquisition to conversion and beyond. It was created by a team with over 15 years’ experience in healthcare marketing to focus on the areas that had the greatest impact on converting leads to patients.

The tool was intended to demonstrate the effectiveness of marketing strategies implemented by the team but was soon in demand from other marketing teams wanting to implement the same strategies themselves.

Using several layers of automation tools, Influx MD is positioned to use nurturing strategies at each stage in the sales cycle. Nurturing uses personalization tools and responds to lead behaviors to further customize the sales environment to meet the information needs of the lead. Influx MD uses a workflow engine that allows the client to create a standard process for working with their leads.  Influx uses automation to ensure that each lead is handled according to the defined process and that all tasks are completed by the agent or automatically by Influx MD. The company keeps everything a team needs to know about each lead in a single page record to ensure information can be accessed quickly and efficiently when it’s needed.

Influx MD has the capability to streamline a wide variety of events occurring anywhere in a custom workflow. Influx MD has the capability to reduce the number of leads lost owing to inexperience, busy staff or inefficient intake processes, while on the other hand they also have the ability to recover lost leads by implementing nurturing, in turn increasing lead conversion by up to 50 percent and reduce marketing costs by 33 percent. Influx MD tracks the lead’s position in the buying cycle and uses automation to deliver appropriate content to the lead to keep them moving further along the sales or intake funnel. In an instance, Austin based Cedar Park Surgeons wanted to launch their bariatric program in Texas. Cedar Park Surgeons approached the company about helping with their enrollment issues and Influx MD made it easy to see the roadblocks that caused problems for their new leads. Benchmark reporting was utilized for setting up new goals for improvement. Influx MD implemented a process of gradual adjustment to the existing process to overcome roadblocks any time they were observed. While gradual implementation made the change less stressful for staff and easier to monitor results.

Today, Influx MD is working towards enhancing the AI interactivity within their application to identify patterns indicating lead intention. This predictive modeling assists clients to identify the leads that are close to converting and require additional agent intervention to assist. For the days to come the company wants to transform into one of the most sought after solution providers, offering clients unique services.